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By on 18th Dec

As our followers will know, we decided to take a fresh approach to our festive rounds at Makermet this year, choosing to offer a full day of free print and digital design services to a Nottinghamshire based charity rather than sending out wasteful Christmas cards to our existing clients.

A number of local charities applied, and the winner was chosen based on where we felt we could make the most impact in the community. The winner was Equation, a charity whose goal is to promote equal, healthy relationships, in a society free from domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality.

Upon receiving the award said Equation’s Marketing Executive, Frankie Skinner said:

“Equation is thrilled to have received this support from Makermet. In today’s world good design and marketing are vital to the survival of any business and charities are no different. As a small, local charity we have especially limited resources for the development of impactful promotional assets. The generosity of organisations to donate their time, skills and resources in this area particularly helps increase both awareness and the reach of our work in preventing domestic abuse and reducing the harm it can cause.”

900 million Christmas cards are sent in the UK every year, with a huge environmental cost and many of these end up in landfill. By rethinking our approach, we hope to set a new precedent for ourselves and others in pursuit of a more sustainable and community-focussed approach to corporate outreach at Christmas and throughout the year.

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